Danny Bland

What Your Parents Never Told You About Haiku: An Interview With Danny Bland

When my friend told me about Danny Bland’s new book  — In Case We Die —  she promised that not only would I love it, but that I’d want to interview him. I recognized the name as one of the top tour managers in the business, currently crisscrossing the globe with Dave Alvin and the Guilty Ones. As a


An Interview with Russell Allen from Adrenaline Mob

Two years ago, en route from Arizona to a show in San Diego, Adrenaline Mob tweeted a grim photo of a broken down van stopped along a barren stretch of highway. With ticket in hand, I phoned the club, which insisted that the show would go on and although I regarded that promise with grumpy


An Interview With Shane Blay From Wovenwar

  Few bands in 2014 generated the comet-like momentum of San Diego’s Wovenwar, who, in less than 12 months, announced their formation, released their debut album, toured the US with Black Label Society, toured Europe with In Flames and still got home in time to finish their Christmas shopping. For guitarists Nick Hipa and Phil


The Depressing Truth About Playing Music

Today I published a story in Men’s Health about a recent survey that seemed to show that musicians — not just famous musicians, but all musicians — live an average of 25 years less than the average US population. I personally found the survey a bit frothy, somewhat biased and lacking certain key definitions —


An Interview with David Ellefson and Jay, of Johnny Wore Black

While Megadeth fans continue to flood the comment boards with speculation as to the band’s next move, bassist Dave Ellefson has been keeping busy with one of his more absorbing side projects — the cinematic voyaging of Johnny Wore Black, whose second album, Walking Underwater Pt. 2 , (HELLHOUND Music) was released last month. Together