The Ten Best AC/DC Songs Since For Those About To Rock

First released in 1980, Back In Black might not be AC/DC’s all-time greatest work (it’s Powerage), but it remains one of the most important albums of the modern era; a brilliant benchmark of howling, bullshit-free rock and roll that has both stood the test of time and extended far beyond the spheres of hard rock

Five Things We Learned from K.K. Downing’s Autobiography

In late 2018, Judas Priest’s founding guitarist K.K. Downing, – who left the band in 2011 — released Heavy Duty: Days And Nights In Judas Priest (DaCapo Press). The fast-paced memoir winds from growing up in a council estate in the middle of the Black Country, through the formation and rise of Judas Priest and

Love Letters to the Awful Things That We Do to Each Other: An Interview with Danny Bland

If one were jotting down the emotional requirements for a tour manager, top on the list would be “surly.” It’s not that tour managers need to be bitter and misanthropic (although many are), but that, when your job routinely takes you into dives, roadhouses, truck stops and motels, you require the ability to summon various

Metal Release Radar: February 7, 2020

Those with their eyes on the extreme scene have undoubtedly heard the gathering roar of the new Svart Crown — one of several noteworthy releases this week. The Gallic metallers introduce a new lineup for their fifth album, Wolves Among The Ashes. If the first few singles represent the very best of the album, then

Metal Release Radar: January 24, 2020

Bangers ahead! This week serves up a bit more excitement than the last, with a delightfully-broad selection of new releases that are guaranteed to please most of the warring genre factions in your home. Kirk Windstein’s Dream In Motion sees the iconic sludge dealer notch new emotive highs with his solo debut. It’s almost difficult