Behold! The Grossest Drink Ever!

I should have just taken my two bucks and thrown them into the street. 

Random Shit I Learned Today

I learned today that in Japan, they don’t sling shiny new cop badges to just any ol’ donut-eating mope whose daddy was a popular desk sergeant thirty years ago. No, these dudes are legit. First they need to score a black belt in judo and other ancient arts of submission and self-defense. While that’s pretty

Digital Detox

Shut down all of my social media accounts yesterday for many, many reasons, but ultimately looking forward to distancing myself from distractions and reconnecting with the inspiration and creativity that I found during my last social media vacation. Day 1 and I’m already feeling lighter – unburdened by the compulsion to repeatedly cycle through Facebook,

One More Blog About Carrie Fisher (Not Really)

When Star Wars debuted in 1977, my dad threw his gears into full throttle stoke. Which was funny because he was one of those gnarly, no-bullshit WWII veterans who loved manly stuff like The Godfather and Bridge Over The River Kwai. He saw Apocalypse Now, but I remember asking him how it was the next

Single Guys And Christmas

I don’t send out Christmas cards. Am I supposed to? I assume that I’m not, but every year, as my mailbox coughs out a cardboard river of Christmas cheer, I wonder if I’m being grinchy. Then I spiral into self-centered fear, picturing my friends and family all sitting around their dinner tables, icily noting my