The timing for the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair’s Mexican edition could not be better or worse, depending on your point of view.      

Rock Community Slowly Awakening To the Enduring Reality That Gene Simmons Is A Boorish, Sanctimonious Loudmouth Who Says Outrageous Things To Get Attention

This week, Mötley Crüe founder and bassist Nikki Sixx joined the ever-growing ranks of musicians who have slowly begun to realize that Gene Simmons is not a cool, outspoken, just-callin’-it-like-he-sees-it rock legend, but in fact a hopelessly immature, judgmental douchebag whose calculated and outlandish proclamations only underscore how insecure Gene is becoming as he enters

Delta Flight Attendant Steals Booze, Concocts Shittiest Business Plan Ever

It was only a matter of time before somebody privatized liquor sales as Uber did with taxis and Airbnb did with hotels. Police recently arrested an enterprising 28 year-old Delta flight attendant whom they allege had been snarfing those mini-bottles of booze from the airplane’s liquor cart and selling them online. Police claim that Rachel

50 Cent Delivers A $100,000 Masterclass On How To Say, “Whoops! My Bad!”

Is there anybody more entertaining in the music industry than Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson? The Queens-born rapper has made millions, lost millions, slung dope, copped a mess of arrests, carried more metal than a sword-bearer and survived being shot this many times. It’s no small understatement to say that ol’ 50 is anything but a

Prank Phone Callers Are Trolling The Ever Loving Hell Out Of America’s Burger Kings

It’s Friday night and you’re finishing your shift at Burger King. As if that’s not an eye-watering kick in the balls already, a panicky firefighter calls the restaurant, frantically yelling that a gas leak has been reported in your building and that somebody needs to start smashing out the windows to release the gas buildup,