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Ivana Grah, You Saved My Life

If you gave your average 8 year old kid $50, sent him into the supermarket and told him he could buy whatever food he wanted, what do you think he’d get? You now have an idea of my diet for the past 17 years. The first time I went veggie was to curry favor with

Blogs of Suck

Should blogs have a point? If so, then I’m already deep in the hole because I’m badly lacking any sense of theme or direction here. Thankfully I don’t publish my blog on the front page of the site, so this is only for those fiendish sociopaths so dementedly obsessed with the manic ruminations of my

An Interview With Kory Stetina, of San Diego’s Kindred Restaurant: Heavy Metal Vegan Is Now Officially A Thing

This is the sort of story you’d expect to read in The Onion, but once again, real life offers its own dramatically weird fare. Turns out that the owners of Cafe Gratitude, that massively-buzzed mecca of haute vegan cuisine in Southern California, is run by a pair of raging carnivores. In 2004, the Cafe’s owners,