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Coffee, Metal And Chaos: An Interview With Mike Hill, From Tombs

These days it’s hard to scroll through my Twitter feed without seeing some musician launching a new line of coffee. Which, as a remorseless caffeine addict, should fill me with jittery glee but I’ve sampled more than a few of these vanity roasts and precious few taste much better than acidic counter top mud at 7-Eleven. Mike Hill, however,

2016 Albums Of The Year Candidate: Tombs — All Empires Fall

It’s never too early to start noting those albums that you want to revisit come November, when you set out on that wall-punching, hair-tearing, talking-to-yourself-in-loud-voices descent into madness — compiling your Albums of the Year list. 2016 has unleashed an uncommonly diverse and verdant avalanche of quality metal and come year’s end, there will be