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The San Diego Gulls And The Most Metal Sport On The Planet

Professional hockey returned to San Diego in 2015 with the installment of the San Diego Gulls as the Anaheim Ducks’ new AHL affiliate. My buddy Jani (a Finnish metalhead who likes Children of Bodom, but whatever) and I bought season tickets and as the Gulls enter the second round of the Calder Cup playoffs this

An Interview With Kory Stetina, of San Diego’s Kindred Restaurant: Heavy Metal Vegan Is Now Officially A Thing

This is the sort of story you’d expect to read in The Onion, but once again, real life offers its own dramatically weird fare. Turns out that the owners of Cafe Gratitude, that massively-buzzed mecca of haute vegan cuisine in Southern California, is run by a pair of raging carnivores. In 2004, the Cafe’s owners,

The Darkness Are The Best-Kept Secret Of The Fortysomethings

Sunday night I covered The Darkness in San Diego for Classic Rock magazine. It was a rare two-hat gig where I wrote the review and did photos as well. To be honest, I’ve always enjoyed The Darkness but it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve piled up a stack of Darkness tracks and gone

For God Loved San Diego So Much That He Gave Us Brian McGrattan

In an age where the role of the enforcer continues its inexorable recession into the dark annals of NHL history, Brian McGrattan is not so much a relic of the past as an anvil-fisted embodiment of hockey’s golden age. Towering over opponents at a pant-shitting 6’6″, the Canadian right winger entered professional hockey in the

An Interview With Shane Blay From Wovenwar

  Few bands in 2014 generated the comet-like momentum of San Diego’s Wovenwar, who, in less than 12 months, announced their formation, released their debut album, toured the US with Black Label Society, toured Europe with In Flames and still got home in time to finish their Christmas shopping. For guitarists Nick Hipa and Phil