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Eleven Things I Learned At Psycho Las Vegas

Last weekend, I attended this year’s Psycho Las Vegas festival. For decades, European music festivals have far outpaced their US counterparts in terms of talent, scale and overall festival management. In recent years however, North American offerings like Chicago Open Air, Rock on the Range and a handful of others have emerged as legitimate institutions

Just Shoegaze

Remember that movie Super Size Me? That was the one where Morgan Spurlock ate only food from McDonald’s for a month, during which his body and mind spiraled into grave depths of imbalance and disrepair. Same thing for people who only listen to one kind of music; they’re missing out on shitloads of really interesting

Old Mixes

I did it. I said I’d clean out two closets by the end of the year and while I’d all but resigned myself to missing the mark, due to a hectic social calendar this week. But then yesterday, when I arrived at the time I’d set aside for finishing The Hateful Eight, I instead found myself

Who Let George R.R. Martin Write 2016?

George Michael! Jesus. Another legend gone. 2016 is like the Red Wedding of the millennium — unrelenting in its scope and brutality. While any celebrity death is going to inspire legions of clumsily-insincere social media lamentation and cheap jokes, I’m fascinated by the artists who step forth to share how the recently-deceased has inspired or

The Skyrocketing Death Toll Of The Modern Music Festival

There you are, blissfully passed out in the mud after a wild afternoon of dancing to some of your favorite bands, and next thing you know, a fucking tractor runs over you. Welcome to the modern music festival. Buy a ticket, have a few laughs and hope to hell you don’t die because audience mortality