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If You Love Aussie Accents, Heavy Grooves And Blood-Splattered Mayhem, Then Here’s Your New Favorite Video

Thanks to my brah Steve Poltz for sending this over to me. Steve’s currently crossing the dusty highways of Australia and happened upon these guys, whom he now hails as his “new favorite band.” One look at this video and I can see why. Apparently, Cosmic Psychos enjoy a celebrated reputation as one of Australia’s

If You’ve Got Fourteen Minutes To Kill, Then Slay Them Here

Bananas. Wheelbarrows full of ripe, jumbo bananas. That’s the only way to succinctly describe the video below, which has been slaying wild-eyed classic rock junkies for the past forty-eight hours. Look, at fourteen minutes, it’s an investment because who in this age of instant gratification and the adoration of bright, shiny, disappearing things, has fourteen