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Daily Writing Prompt: A Plot of Earth

February 20: A plot of earth. You’re given a plot of land and the financial resources to do as you please. What’s the plan? I don’t think I’m hitting anybody with a Sixth Sense-type ending when I share that my first and overriding design is to render the property a sprawling dog rescue. Sure, we’re

Fuck “A Dog’s Purpose”

As a rather vocal and enthusiastic dog lover, people constantly approach me with all sorts of dog shit. I don’t mean literal dog shit – I mean stories, pictures, questions, tips and other stuff that we dog lovers tend to live for. Several years ago, friends starting recommending the book A Dog’s Purpose, but it

Sweet Baby Zoe And The Exploding Heart

Last night a friend texted me three videos that made my heart explode. In a good and obviously not literal way, of course. When Cabo died in July, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I rescued a new dog to join me and Abby, my little rescue dog from Mexico.

How Devin Townsend Saved My Ass This Summer

One of my personal highlights of the 2012 Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards was hanging out downstairs in the bar/dressing rooms area, where I got to meet and chat with the likes of Chris Jericho (the show’s host that year), Frank Bello, Phil Demmel and the incomparable Devin Townsend. In my review of his new

You Cannot Stop AC/DC, Nor Can You Contain Them

Everybody and their third cousin are sending me links about the Spanish opera singer who slayed the judges of Spain’s Got Talent when she cut short an aria (or whatever the hell she was singing) and busted into Highway To Hell. The first time I saw the clip, I literally felt gooseflesh on my arms