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Metal Release Radar: January 17, 2020

We’re looking at a pretty subdued week ahead, release-wise. Mark Morton’s acoustic EP is getting a lot of attention from publicists on both sides of the pond. It’s a quick hit — only five tracks, including two covers – Pearl Jam’s Black and the Black Crowes’ She Talks To Angels, featuring Lzzy Hale. Anesthetic easily

Ten Of The Best Bands From Seattle

Sadly, the world seems poised to relegate Seattle’s enduring cultural contributions to Starbuck’s coffee and its musical output from 1990-1993, when the city’s underground scene gave birth to a dour, flannel-swaddled malcontent known as the grunge movement. The Emerald City has yielded some of music’s most inspired and transformational artists, united in their ambition to

Stop Everything And Watch Kvelertak’s Insane New Video

What happens when black metallers age (note that I didn’t say “grow up”) without putting a whole lot of thought into how the future might look? Kvelertak’s cinematic new video for 1985 offers a rather trippy view, telling the story of a guy whose girlfriend has dumped the shit out of him and which girlfriend’s

2016 Albums Of The Year Candidate: Tombs — All Empires Fall

It’s never too early to start noting those albums that you want to revisit come November, when you set out on that wall-punching, hair-tearing, talking-to-yourself-in-loud-voices descent into madness — compiling your Albums of the Year list. 2016 has unleashed an uncommonly diverse and verdant avalanche of quality metal and come year’s end, there will be

Skeletonwitch Are Back With A Mafuggin Vengeance

Not even twenty-five percent down, 2016 has already cemented its status as an uncommonly massive year for heavy metal. Occasionally you’ll see a renaissance pop up within a genre, like glam metal in the 80s, early 90s black metal or the groove movement in the Noughties, but not since the 70s have we seen so