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The Ten Best AC/DC Songs Since For Those About To Rock

First released in 1980, Back In Black might not be AC/DC’s all-time greatest work (it’s Powerage), but it remains one of the most important albums of the modern era; a brilliant benchmark of howling, bullshit-free rock and roll that has both stood the test of time and extended far beyond the spheres of hard rock

I Told You So

The rattle-tossing bitterness over my Metal Hammer article, in defense of Axl fronting AC/DC for the remainder of their tour, was thunderous.  It sounded like this: “Waah! Waah! Axl! Waah!” Whiny, analysis-free bleats from lazy, self-righteous posters entirely incapable of analyzing the obvious and tremendous upside to the GNR frontman replacing Brian Johnson for the

AC/DC Might Have Just Pulled Off Their Most Brilliant Move Of The Past Twenty Years

What a clusterfuck erupting over in the AC/DC camp. Correction, “a year of clusterfucks.” First you’ve got ex-drummer Phil Rudd, on home confinement in New Zealand, brazenly asserting that he’s AC/DC’s drummer and is looking forward to rejoining the band after a year of unwanted headlines involving jail, drug deals, death threats and probation violations. Then there’s

You Cannot Stop AC/DC, Nor Can You Contain Them

Everybody and their third cousin are sending me links about the Spanish opera singer who slayed the judges of Spain’s Got Talent when she cut short an aria (or whatever the hell she was singing) and busted into Highway To Hell. The first time I saw the clip, I literally felt gooseflesh on my arms

Baby, Please Don’t Go

(I originally published this piece in 2014 for the magnificent Weeklings culture site upon hearing the news that AC/DC’s founding guitarist and diminutive, yet iron-fisted ruler Malcolm Young was leaving the band amid serious health concerns. Those concerns proved well-founded as he’s since been overcome with dementia and other related issues. With Stevie Young —