Prank Phone Callers Are Trolling The Ever Loving Hell Out Of America’s Burger Kings

It’s Friday night and you’re finishing your shift at Burger King. As if that’s not an eye-watering kick in the balls already, a panicky firefighter calls the restaurant, frantically yelling that a gas leak has been reported in your building and that somebody needs to start smashing out the windows to release the gas buildup, or all sorts of fiery hell is going to ensue. The whole staff spirals into a five-alarm freakout and just like that, you, your manager and your co-workers are standing out on the sidewalk, kicking the shit out every one of Burger King’s windows, just like the firefighter instructed.


There was never a gas leak and that was no firefighter. This actually went down at a Coon Rapids, Minnesota Burger King — just one more in a string of similar prank calls this year, including incidents in California and then two days ago in Oklahoma. Burger King might want to seriously consider a new training initiative to help employees deduce that if the caller reporting the gas leak can’t stop giggling and/or the gurgling sound of a bong being ripped to shreds is audible in the background, it’s probably not a real firefighter.