Daily Writing Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow

Feb. 14
It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or some- thing you love. Bonus points for poetry!


Good god.

What to do with this one? The obvious subject is my wonderful girlfriend, partner, confidante and all-around muse. How I ended up with somebody of such uncommonly high character, such inner and outer beauty and someone who inspires me each day to bring my best self to the table, is a mystery on par with the Bermuda Triangle. I could write volumes on the soul-nourishing conversations we’ve had, the adventures we’ve taken, the lessons we’ve learned and the times we’ve picked each other up after a hard day. She is a source of joy throughout my highs, lows and every damned minute in between. As an added bonus, she likes hockey and tolerates my life in heavy metal. I’m inclined to say more, but then again, IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

In a world where social media allows and encourages people to serve up every single goddamned thought that crosses their mind, without the benefit of filter or self-awareness, I find that privacy has notched a lofty new premium. Oversharing is the new smoking. It’s an obscenely destructive habit used to fill some widening emotional gap that eventually becomes a person’s knee-jerk coping skill. I’ve been guilty of it in the past and I probably will again. But over the past few years I’ve found myself deriving a deeper and enduring satisfaction from doing instead of saying. From reflecting instead of pontificating. My words mean more when there are less of them.

And so today I’ll accept a sub-par performance on my writing prompt and save all the good words for her.