Just Shoegaze

Remember that movie Super Size Me? That was the one where Morgan Spurlock ate only food from McDonald’s for a month, during which his body and mind spiraled into grave depths of imbalance and disrepair. Same thing for people who only listen to one kind of music; they’re missing out on shitloads of really interesting

Friday Happy Hour Playlist: Iron Maiden

I’m off to see the majestic Iron Maiden at the L.A Forum tonight. There’s just not enough room in the galaxy to contain all of my stoke. To celebrate, here’s the setlist they’ve been playing on the current leg of the Book Of Souls tour. It’ll be like you’re right there with me!    

Friday Happy Hour Playlist: Life Doesn’t Have To Make Sense

This is not a list of metal songs.  

Friday Happy Hour Playlist: Good God, Chill The Fudge Out

Wash off all that April Fool’s juju with this uber-chill mix of drizzly goodness.