Prank Phone Callers Are Trolling The Ever Loving Hell Out Of America’s Burger Kings

It’s Friday night and you’re finishing your shift at Burger King. As if that’s not an eye-watering kick in the balls already, a panicky firefighter calls the restaurant, frantically yelling that a gas leak has been reported in your building and that somebody needs to start smashing out the windows to release the gas buildup,

Hockey Player Makes Strong Case For Aliens To Come And Conquer Earth

Oh dear. In the world of professional sports, few moments so perfectly blend the sublime joy of competition with stark, craven narcissism as much as a post-score celebration. Whether it’s some gelled-hair underwear-model-cum-footballer running away from his team after scoring or a congress of burly NFL players turning the end zone into a bizarro dance

AC/DC Might Have Just Pulled Off Their Most Brilliant Move Of The Past Twenty Years

What a clusterfuck erupting over in the AC/DC camp. Correction, “a year of clusterfucks.” First you’ve got ex-drummer Phil Rudd, on home confinement in New Zealand, brazenly asserting that he’s AC/DC’s drummer and is looking forward to rejoining the band after a year of unwanted headlines involving jail, drug deals, death threats and probation violations. Then there’s

If You Love Aussie Accents, Heavy Grooves And Blood-Splattered Mayhem, Then Here’s Your New Favorite Video

Thanks to my brah Steve Poltz for sending this over to me. Steve’s currently crossing the dusty highways of Australia and happened upon these guys, whom he now hails as his “new favorite band.” One look at this video and I can see why. Apparently, Cosmic Psychos enjoy a celebrated reputation as one of Australia’s

The NCAA Hockey Tournament Has Begun And The Refs Are Crushing Players. Literally!

Hoo boy, let the games begin! North Dakota’s Drake Caggiula opened the scoring in this year’s NCAA hockey tournament by following up his own blocked wrist shot and poking it back in for the goal, only to have the ever-loving crap pounded out of him by the official behind the net. No sassypants banter at