Single Guys And Christmas

I don’t send out Christmas cards. Am I supposed to? I assume that I’m not, but every year, as my mailbox coughs out a cardboard river of Christmas cheer, I wonder if I’m being grinchy. Then I spiral into self-centered fear, picturing my friends and family all sitting around their dinner tables, icily noting my

How I Feel Trying To Come Up With A Blog Today

The Last Of The Last

Eleven years ago, I drank my last beer. My last alcoholic anything. After starting the morning with the usual vodka and Gatorade, I pillaged whatever booze I had in the house and passed out sometime after dinner. I wasn’t a big beer fan then- too much liquid for too little booze. But a friend had

Ten Musings For Thursday

Dopey, google-eyed white supremacist Dylann Roof was found guilty today after unloading 70 rounds into a room full of churchgoers at a Bible study last year, killing nine. Good. Fuck him. Spotify tells me that I listened to Alcest more than any other artist this year. That sounds about right. Apparently I also listened to

Cassingles of Doom!

The summer of 1989 was mental. I was approaching my final year in college, working for the District Attorney’s office in my hometown and playing rugby on the weekends. Loads of drinking. On weekends when we didn’t have a rugby tournament, my friends and I would occasionally head down to Cape Cod for a weekend