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Behold The Mighty Gojira!

To say that Gojira’s new record, Magma, has been worth the wait is an understatement worthy of Smithsonian recognition. In fact, if the Smithsonian Museum ever rolled out a Wing Of Colossal Understatements, you’d hang “Gojira’s new record has been worth the wait,” right next to, “You know, I’m starting to think these bankers know

An Interview With Kory Stetina, of San Diego’s Kindred Restaurant: Heavy Metal Vegan Is Now Officially A Thing

This is the sort of story you’d expect to read in The Onion, but once again, real life offers its own dramatically weird fare. Turns out that the owners of Cafe Gratitude, that massively-buzzed mecca of haute vegan cuisine in Southern California, is run by a pair of raging carnivores. In 2004, the Cafe’s owners,

Black Metal or Old Timey Country?

I’ve recently finished some research that involved a jaunty excursion down the bumpy backroads of old school country, American dustbowl music of the 50s, coal miner dirges of West Virginia and modern bluegrass. Scanning through the tracklist of an obscure 50s country record, I came across more than a few song titles that struck me

The Grammy Awards Don’t Ever Pass Up The Opportunity To Flaunt Their Diaper-Filling Irrelevance

…and the 2016 Grammy Award for the Best Rock Album goes to Muse, for Drones! Wait, what? Slipknot just lost to Muse? The only way Muse should have won tonight was if they handed out a new award called Most Milquetoasty Coldplay-Sounding Album Of The Year, in which case, Muse’s occasionally-thrilling but unbalanced and inconsistent

An Interview with Russell Allen from Adrenaline Mob

Two years ago, en route from Arizona to a show in San Diego, Adrenaline Mob tweeted a grim photo of a broken down van stopped along a barren stretch of highway. With ticket in hand, I phoned the club, which insisted that the show would go on and although I regarded that promise with grumpy