The Infrequent Blogger: 2018 Goals

Remember that time when I said I was going to try to blog everyday? Then I pared it back to once a week? Yeah, I do, too. I could offer excuses but as my dad often said, “Excuses are meaningless;  your enemies don’t believe them and your friends don’t require them.” In the spirit of

Terrorism Doesn’t Work

Another dim-witted pussy has blown himself up with the express goal of ending as many innocent lives as possible. Let’s cut through all of the sociopolitical analysis and acknowledge that once again, that’s what we’re dealing with here – a pussy of the highest order. That’s what you call somebody who arms himself to the

Blockhead [UPDATE]

You can’t believe how fired up I was to get after some writing today. As a measure of accountability, I promised a friend I’d send him a chapter of a book proposal for Monday. He encouraged me to shake things up and dicate it, with the hope that the content might come across a little

Why Do I Even Have This Thing?

Seriously. Fun stuff is happening all over the damned place. In fact, I’ve been writing my ass off lately with some pretty cool assignments. I interviewed some 90s legends for an upcoming Metal Hammer feature, followed by another piece on one of California’s most successful new metal exports in the past decade, fresh off of

Another Dead Blog

You can’t believe the number of blogs I’ve deleted after about 300-500 words. I just eviscerated another one with no mercy and no regret. Some ideas sound great until you get to the third paragraph, then you realize you’ve invested all of this time and space on an idea that really should have been three