50 Cent Delivers A $100,000 Masterclass On How To Say, “Whoops! My Bad!”

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 6.44.03 PMIs there anybody more entertaining in the music industry than Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson? The Queens-born rapper has made millions, lost millions, slung dope, copped a mess of arrests, carried more metal than a sword-bearer and survived being shot this many times. It’s no small understatement to say that ol’ 50 is anything but a paragon of sound decision-making. But he does know when to own up for a colossal fuck-up and that’s precisely what he did this week after he clowned a 19 year-old autistic kid working at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport by posting a clip of the kid and among other things, calling him “high as a motherfucker.


helloWhen it was brought to 50’s attention that the worker, Andrew Farrell, suffers from autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and severe hearing loss, 50 did pretty much what all celebrities do when they stick their foot in their mouth on social media — he deleted the Instagram post and hoped that everything would magically disappear to the planet of unicorns, fat-free deep dish pizza and sane US presidential elections. Of course, seconds after he posted the ridiculously offensive post it entered the annals of posterity and was promptly delivered unto the scaly hands of that abominable cross between Big Brother and Joan Rivers, TMZ. But a guy who’s bounced back from nine gunshot wounds, bankruptcy proceedings and the brink of spiraling irrelevance knows a thing or two about repairing shit and to his unmitigated credit, the tatted-up rapper delivered a sincere and empathetic apology to Farrell and issued a public statement that read, “I want to turn this misunderstanding into an understanding. There are people that are ignored, mistreated and neglected with disabilities that need our support. Today, I have made a donation of $100,000 to this worthy cause through Autism Speaks.” Apart from the fact that he’s been embroiled in a rather complex bankruptcy case, he owned up to his mistake and he put his money where his mouth was. The family, who were going to sue the chains right off of his neck, have called off the legal dogs and everybody seems content to move forward. Weird how shit works when you do the right thing.