Monthly archives: December, 2018

Death, Doom and Cursed Ledgers: An Interview With Dave Wagner of Evoken

Funeral doom legends look back on the making of 2018’s Hypnagogia Rounding out an utterly thrilling year for extreme metal, Evoken released Hypnagogia this past November — a bludgeoning masterwork that stood not only as the strongest material of their own twenty-eight year career, but as one of the most captivating doom releases of 2018.

Rollerblading, Day One

Yesterday I bought my first pair of inline skates — roller blades. Just about eighteen months ago, I returned to ice hockey after a twenty-five year hiatus and I’ve still got a lot of work to do. As I only get out on the ice a couple of times a week, I scooped up Bauer

Meshuggah: The Vinyl Remasters

The Swedish tech metal pioneers serve up a limited re-release of EPs and full-length albums with full vinyl remastering and brand new art Swedish technical metal pioneers Meshuggah have created an expansive legacy of such depth and such uncompromising ambition that recounting their achievements feels redundant. They are a genre unto themselves; a fully-realized creative