Monthly archives: February, 2017

Sweet lid, bro!

Unsurprisingly, chatter about Trump’s ultra-shady relationship with Russia refuses to wither and die. Today a reporter asked Trump if a prosecutor should be appointed to investigate the fairly weighty claims that Russia tampered in the Presidential election. After all, the FBI – seems to think so; it already has three separate probes looking into this

Movie Girl [UPDATE]

Cynthia loves movies. Always has. But what separates her from the rest of the pompous wannabe Eberts of the web is that she likes movies the same way that you and I do when we talk about them over dinner or at Starbuck’s. Whether it’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Mad Max, she just digs a

Ideas For Valentines Day

Excellent suggestions from the ever-reliable Obvious Plant.

This Video Of Arthur Blank Consoling A Little Boy Is Everything

Falcons owner and Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank is a pretty stand-up guy. Having built an utterly sprawling empire of businesses that include retail outlets and a pretty snazzy guest ranch, Blank owns both the Falcons and Atlanta United in the MLS. But for years he’s channeled his energies into The Arthur M. Blank Foundation, driving tens

Clever Girl

My house backs up to a small canyon erupting with cuddly, doe-eyed wildlife- raccoons, possums, skunks, rattlers, bobcats, mice, a fucking mountain lion and the two primary warring camps: coyotes and rabbits. And by “warring,” I mean the coyotes eat the rabbits. For an old school vegetarian like me, this is a particularly unpleasant aspect