Monthly archives: January, 2017


Fuck “A Dog’s Purpose”

As a rather vocal and enthusiastic dog lover, people constantly approach me with all sorts of dog shit. I don’t mean literal dog shit – I mean stories, pictures, questions, tips and other stuff that we dog lovers tend to live for. Several years ago, friends starting recommending the book A Dog’s Purpose, but it

Ivana Grah, You Saved My Life

If you gave your average 8 year old kid $50, sent him into the supermarket and told him he could buy whatever food he wanted, what do you think he’d get? You now have an idea of my diet for the past 17 years. The first time I went veggie was to curry favor with

Another Dead Blog

You can’t believe the number of blogs I’ve deleted after about 300-500 words. I just eviscerated another one with no mercy and no regret. Some ideas sound great until you get to the third paragraph, then you realize you’ve invested all of this time and space on an idea that really should have been three

Behold! The Grossest Drink Ever!

I should have just taken my two bucks and thrown them into the street.