Monthly archives: December, 2016

Who Let George R.R. Martin Write 2016?

George Michael! Jesus. Another legend gone. 2016 is like the Red Wedding of the millennium — unrelenting in its scope and brutality. While any celebrity death is going to inspire legions of clumsily-insincere social media lamentation and cheap jokes, I’m fascinated by the artists who step forth to share how the recently-deceased has inspired or

Single Guys And Christmas

I don’t send out Christmas cards. Am I supposed to? I assume that I’m not, but every year, as my mailbox coughs out a cardboard river of Christmas cheer, I wonder if I’m being grinchy. Then I spiral into self-centered fear, picturing my friends and family all sitting around their dinner tables, icily noting my

How I Feel Trying To Come Up With A Blog Today

Ten Of The Best Bands From Seattle

Sadly, the world seems poised to relegate Seattle’s enduring cultural contributions to Starbuck’s coffee and its musical output from 1990-1993, when the city’s underground scene gave birth to a dour, flannel-swaddled malcontent known as the grunge movement. The Emerald City has yielded some of music’s most inspired and transformational artists, united in their ambition to

TeamRock: Fade To Black

Yesterday was a dark day for anybody who truly calls themselves a metalhead, a rocker or any fan of music. Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Prog magazines have been shut down. Working for these magazines as a freelancer, I wake most mornings to find various emails from the staff of Metal Hammer or Classic Rock about new