Monthly archives: April, 2016

Not Even A Monkey Is Going To Put Up With That Shit

I don’t know anybody who would openly admit that they feel that equal pay is a bad thing. This is largely because it’s not and anybody who’s cool with a practice as abominable as paying some people less than others for doing the exact same work is a dick. Somebody chucked this video over to

Coffee, Metal And Chaos: An Interview With Mike Hill, From Tombs

These days it’s hard to scroll through my Twitter feed without seeing some musician launching a new line of coffee. Which, as a remorseless caffeine addict, should fill me with jittery glee but I’ve sampled more than a few of these vanity roasts and precious few taste much better than acidic counter top mud at 7-Eleven. Mike Hill, however,

Rock And Roll Is Bursting With Smart, Insightful, Relevant Artists. Phil Lewis Isn’t One Of Them. [UPDATE]

Oh those frisky glamsters and their outrageous barbs! At a show in Maryland on Friday night, L.A. Guns frontman Phil Lewis attempted some sort of weird Prince tribute which I’m sure sounded incredibly epic in his mind but by the time his mouth finished moving, Phil had managed to insult pretty much every African American

Farewell, You Beautiful Bastard

For a brief stretch in my junior high pre-driving years, my friends and I would hit an all ages dance club downtown. If I saw pictures of that place today, I’d almost surely cringe but back then it was a teenage Valhalla where my friends and I could listen to loud music, look at girls

Death Angel: Thrash Legends And Patron Saint Metal Band Of Homeless Dogs

I freely admit that I’ve got a soft spot for Death Angel. I’ve been joyfully battering my skull with their concussive thrash beatdowns for a quarter century. Formed in the early-80s during the explosion of the Bay Area scene, Death Angel have steadfastly delivered a dizzying, speed-driven attack of uncompromising ferocity across seven exhilarating studio