Monthly archives: March, 2016

Twitter, You Stupid Fuck…

Those crazy bastards at Twitter and their zany mad scientist algorithms have coughed up today’s #EpicFail. On the Twitter home page, they break out a gaggle of interests, from Pop to Pets, listing a representative tweet under each one. As you can see in my screen grab below, Twitter is showcasing what’s happening in the

Hockey En Español!

It’s one thing to hear Spanish-speaking announcers calling soccer matches and another thing to hear an NFL game in Spanish, but until this week, I’d never heard a hockey broadcast en Español. Gracias for doing what you do, Arley Londoño. This made my day, although it would have been just a tad sweeter if the

Because Even Nursery Rhymes Are Better With A Heavy Metal Drummer

I don’t think that I’m alone in admitting that that saucy little shanty, I’m A Little Teapot — undoubtedly composed by the kind of child-hating psychopath whose attic is littered with porcelain dolls and pictures of little kids with their eyes poked out with scissors — figured prominently in my pre-kindergarten song canon. Who does

A Much-Needed Feel-Good Story About A Couple Of Dudes Who Rule

Today’s attacks in Belgium have stirred up all of those vitriolic tides of rage within me as I consider the devastating and cowardly violence that extremist half-wits continue to visit upon the world. I find myself in a “Two Wolves Conundrum,” from that old Cherokee parable, where the bitter young kid goes to his grandfather,

You Cannot Stop AC/DC, Nor Can You Contain Them

Everybody and their third cousin are sending me links about the Spanish opera singer who slayed the judges of Spain’s Got Talent when she cut short an aria (or whatever the hell she was singing) and busted into Highway To Hell. The first time I saw the clip, I literally felt gooseflesh on my arms