Monthly archives: February, 2016

This Month’s People Who Need A Good Cock-Punching

Donald Trump  If you don’t know why Donald Trump needs a good, hard cock-punching, then welcome back from Mars. Among other things, he’s body-slammed pretty much all Mexicans (“Who’s doing the raping?“), screwed his creditors by declaring bankruptcy four times, and —getting back to rape — the draft-dodging daddy’s boy, who has never served anything

Texas Rangers Shatter Long-Held Notion That Professional Sports Teams Are Run By Shitheads

If you threw down a deposit on some season tickets for the Texas Rangers this year, the team offered to write off the rest of your balance if you could accomplish a simple test of hand, eye and strength coordination — hitting a blast out of Globe Life Park. According to last year’s MLB statistics,

If People Will Just Keep Paying Attention To Dee Snider, He Won’t Have To Keep Slamming Other Musicians

Poor Dee Snider just can’t wrap his mind around how Vince Neil escaped significant jail time after his 1984 conviction for vehicular manslaughter. Making a booze run in the middle of a party, Vince drove a car with his blood alcohol content significantly north of the legal limit, hitting another car and killing his passenger,

Band That Released Four Albums Offering New Box Set; In Other News, Record Labels Have To Eat, Too

White Zombie released four playfully-schlocky party rock albums in the 90s, setting a much-needed counterpoint to the wrist-slitting self-importance of the grunge movement and its dumbed-down alt-rock spinoffs. “Fresh air,” doesn’t begin to describe the effect of hearing songs like Thunder Kiss ’65, off of their platinum-certified third record, La Sexorcisto, after hours spent bathing

The Grammy Awards Don’t Ever Pass Up The Opportunity To Flaunt Their Diaper-Filling Irrelevance

…and the 2016 Grammy Award for the Best Rock Album goes to Muse, for Drones! Wait, what? Slipknot just lost to Muse? The only way Muse should have won tonight was if they handed out a new award called Most Milquetoasty Coldplay-Sounding Album Of The Year, in which case, Muse’s occasionally-thrilling but unbalanced and inconsistent