Recovcation Announce New Lovecraft-Inspired Album

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, on August 20, 1890, Howard Phillips Lovecraft was a deeply-reclusive eccentric who devoted the lion’s share of his adult life to generating mountains of pulp horror fiction for sci fi and horror periodicals of his time. Deeply resentful that his work – which he viewed as important — languished unappreciated in his time, Lovecraft found fame long after his death in 1937, when pop culture slowly awoke to the rich and wholly absorbing parallel universe he conjured – a world in which he created the cursed fictional book, the Necronomicon and the terrible, tentacle-faced sea god known as Cthulhu. His themes focused largely on cursed knowledge, man’s hubris, the futility of humanity and ancient, secret histories of civilizations that exist within or beneath our very own, though we are entirely unaware. In death, his body of work has risen to the fore, inspiring countless books, movies and pieces of music over the past century – especially heavy metal.  Though the highly-celebrated early-twentieth century author enjoys nothing short of legendary status, thanks to the effusive praise of cats like Stephen King, it’s safe to say that most metalheads learned of Lovecraft’s enduring status in metal courtesy of the likes of Black Sabbath, whose seminal debut included Behind The Wall Of Sleep, a lyric loosely-appropriated from Lovecraft’s 1919 story, Beyond The Wall Of Sleep. Metallica’s The Call of Ktulu turned a new generation on to Lovecraft, and then there’s Morbid Angel, whose guitarist and primary songwriter, Trey Azagthoth, appropriated his last name from one of Lovecraft’s fictional gods and whose writing has been inspired by Lovecraft’s Necronomicon. Deicide also referenced that fictitious tome in Dead By Dawn, though it was through that book’s prominent role in the cult classic Evil Dead movie trilogy that garnered that band’s attentions. Last year saw France’s The Great Old Ones release a pummeling black metal masterpiece that was, from top to bottom, an ode to Lovecraft.

The trend continues this year, with Revocation, who recently announced their upcoming album, The Outer Ones. Due out September 28th via Metal Blade Records, The Outer Ones sees the band pushing both the death metal and progressive elements of their signature sound harder than ever. “I knew that I wanted to go in a darker direction, and this is our most death metal album to date,” states vocalist/guitarist Dave Davidson. “Sometimes when death metal bands go down the prog route they lose some of that edge, but we wanted to keep the aggression at the forefront of what we do while still pushing our boundaries.” Moving away from the societal and historical themes that informed 2016’s Great is Our Sin, this time Davidson has immersed himself in the fantastic, evoking one of the great writers of the sci-fi/horror genre. “The title is my ode to H.P. Lovecraft and the entities of pure cosmic horror that rule that universe he created. Since the new music we were writing was so evil and spacey in sections it seemed to be the right title to fit the overall vibe. But while the lyrical content is largely influenced by such writings, in every allegory there is of course some reflection of the real world, so I enjoy writing in a way that could have one overlaying meaning and then another deeper, symbolic meaning as well.”

For a first preview of The Outer Ones, a short clip from the album can be heard at:

Revocation line-up:
David Davidson – Guitars / Vocals
Dan Gargiulo – Guitars / Vocals
Brett Bamberger – Bass / Vocals
Ash Pearson – Drums

Revocation online: