AC/DC Might Have Just Pulled Off Their Most Brilliant Move Of The Past Twenty Years

What a clusterfuck erupting over in the AC/DC camp. Correction, “a year of clusterfucks.” First you’ve got ex-drummer Phil Rudd, on home confinement in New Zealand, brazenly asserting that he’s AC/DC’s drummer and is looking forward to rejoining the band after a year of unwanted headlines involving jail, drug deals, death threats and probation violations. Then there’s poor Malcolm Young, the band’s once steely-eyed leader, now tragically felled by dementia on top of heart and lung ailments, never to return to his band. More recently, the band initially canceled the remainder of their current tour when they disclosed that singer Brian Johnson faced “total hearing loss” if he continued touring. The end appeared nigh until it was rumored that the band were now considering bringing on a replacement singer to finish the tour.

Upping the drama even higher, comedian Jim Breuer went live with what was almost certainly a private conversation between him and Brian, alleging that Brian had been intent on finishing the tour, that he had secured a second opinion and that he felt there might be options for him staying on board. Instead, Breuer reports that the band sent him his touring luggage without so much as a “feeling better?” Breuer has backpedaled a bit, admitting to a certain degree of exaggeration, but critically, he did not claim that his statements were inaccurate. AC/DC, for their part, have decided to finish the tour with another singer.


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And now Axl’s in the picture. Rumors are expanding like a rogue supernova after a photo was released of Guns ‘N’ Roses singer Axl Rose leaving the same rehearsal studio as AC/DC. If true, then this is an utterly brilliant solution. Axl has been a longtime fan of the band’s, routinely playing AC/DC songs live with GNR since the band’s original lineup. He knows the material and presumably wouldn’t pull his usual rockstar bullshit on his elders. They wouldn’t have it. Moreover, Axl Rose on the microphone would invest these final ten shows with a sense of drama and urgency that the front end of the tour, while well-received, seems to have lacked. Ticket holders for these final dates might have wondered it it were even worth the gas to go to the show if AC/DC were fronted by another singer, like the dude in Krokus. However, now they’ll be queued up and ready to go, gagging to see what will surely be one of the band’s curious and most talked-about chapters. And the beauty of it all is that there’s zero pressure on Axl. It’s neither his band, nor his legacy at stake. Even Axl can surely see the tremendous opportunity as a fan and a colleague, in pulling a Brian Johnson and dutifully piling through the setlist like the proper frontman that he is, while doubling down on the whole “Honored to just be here” routine. I suspect that this will be massive.

Curious as to how such a collaboration might sound? Look nae further!